Meet the Characters


The Robin Hood of computer hacking, Sam’s “hacktivist” ways of championing the underdog landed him a convicted felon branded for life. His once youthful enthusiasm has been replaced with a victim mentality: who better to help now than himself? Deep down, he knows something is missing...until he finds Josie. Can his strength of character overcome is strength of wit?

Played By George Blagden


A proud but empty young war widow, Josie is stuck in the grief of her first love killed in action 6 years prior. She finds solace in carefully scribed love letters to her deceased Marine husband as she pens a weekly missal to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier spilling her heart with calligraphy’s ink. A once prolific singer/songwriter with dreams of Nashville’s lights, Josie now works Customer Service at the local supermarket living only to provide for the unending needs of her little girl yet longing for another chance to live fully. Can her heart ever be open again?

Played By Charleene Closshey


Fellow Twistee Treat employee and computer hacking cohort, Stanley is a seemingly-unlovable geek drifting on seas of uncertainty. Usually seen with his Bible in tow, Stanley’s recent Christian conversion inspired him to change his name -- like his Biblical hero Saul -- now preferring to his divinely inspired nomenclature David. Kind-hearted with a gentle demeanor, he goes above and beyond the call of friendship in an effort to help Sam try to win the heart of Josie. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Played By Robbie Kay

Agent Ames

Investigating a case involving the theft of a huge sum of Bitcoins, FBI Agent Ames is clearly convinced Sam has something to do with the latest heist.  Self-certain, Ames shies from scrupples as he blackmails Sam for information. But has this Lone Ranger met his match?

Played By Stelio Savante

with Harry

Federal Probation Officer Harry encourages Sam on the straight and narrow in their weekly meetings. A by-the-book-officer with a past ???, Harry is intrigued by Sam and his potential to truly help the world. Harry believes in people, seeing the best they have to offer far beyond where they are in this moment. Still, he’s ain’t nobody’s fool.

Played By Michael Beach

and Jack

Distinguished retired military man Jack is a proud father to Josie and a dotting “Grandpop” to her daughter Daisy. Now retired and living with Josie to help out after her husband’s passing, Jack seldom lets his old army wound get in his way, even if it does perhaps slow his steps. A knowing protector of his daughter, Jack spends his days serving his family, from preparing dinner to posting Josie’s letters, all while keeping a watchful eye over his family’s nest.

Played By Raymond J. Barry