What’s The Story?

Love, letters, and computer hackers.

Sam is a brilliant computer hacker who prefers to champion the seemingly oppressed rather than line his own pockets. Out on probation, his jaded perspective lands him making pretty poor choices, even under the watchful eye of his kind yet vigilant probation officer Harry.

Barred from using the Internet for his crime and only able to find part time work at the neighborhood Twistee Treat with his best friend and fellow hacker Stanley, Sam poses as a Postal Worker to steal people’s mail in the hopes of pilfering the occasional Birthday cash for Grandma to make ends meet…. until one letter changes everything.

Addressed to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier written by the beautiful young war widow Josie to her husband, a Marine killed in Afghanistan, the perfectly penned, heart-wrenching missive awakens something deep within Sam. How is this depth of love possible? Desperate to become worthy of such love, he begins following Josie, stealing more of her letters until finding the courage to introduce himself…in a way that only Sam would. As Sam and Josie grow closer, Josie warms to the possibility of a new life, and Sam is reminded of the values he seemingly left behind in childhood.

Fate shows its hand when Sam’s past catches up with him in a looming threat of more missing Bitcoins being tracked by aggressive FBI Agent Ames, who is out for blood and restitution. But is Sam guilty?

When Josie discovers the truth of Sam’s thievery and hidden past, she must decide if his betrayal will force her back into her shell, or give her the strength to chose once and for all to move on and follow her once-forgotten dreams. And Sam must choose whether to stay a victim of his past mistakes, or finally stand up and become the man he has always intended to be.

An Indie Dramedy with a sprinkling of Espionage. Love under an Ice Cream Cone.